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so I’ve now taken all of my classes and I’m officially pretty excited about the semester.

botany: the fact that it’s a five-credit class with two two-hour labs a week makes a little nervous, just because it’s going to require a lot of discipline and staying on track to do well, but it looks like an interesting subject.  plus, looking at things through micorscopes is sooooo awesome, especially when you see little bugs flitting around that are invisible to the naked eye.  and I’ve known the professor and his family for several years so that’s kinda cool.

intro to psychology: LOVE LOVE LOVE.  I’ve only had one class so far, but it’s absolutely fascinating and I think could easily be my favorite class.  plus, I greatly enjoy the professor….he has a very quirky sense of humor that I appreciate.

concert choir: choir is always a good thing :)

math: meh.  I’m not that much of a math person lol

show choir: the smaller vocal ensemble…I kind of cordially hate most of the music selections, which are pretty jazzy and sappy and bleh - except that we’re probably doing “seasons of love”…yayyyyy! - but it’s still really fun.  we do lots of random performances throughout the year, lots of my friends are in it, and it’s a good time.

english: well, some of my homework that was assigned today was to read the first four chapters of harry potter.  that is a definite plus! :D 



"it is poverty to decide that a child must die that you may live as you wish."

- mother teresa





"for one moment our lives met, our souls touched." - oscar wilde